Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So I figured it was time for a donut : )

Today was my last time to see my obgyn here is San Antonio. I'm going to miss him.

After the appointment, I dropped by a dear friend's house to deliver an incredibly late birthday gift for her little boy. He was super cute and started talking about donuts and how his grandma often brings donuts when she comes over. It got me thinking...

At the appointment, I tried my best not to whine about my symptoms, but when it came to talking about sleep I just nearly started crying. I'm so tired. I really don't think I've managed more than 3 hrs in a single night over the past two weeks. After discussing the contributing factors with my Dr., we concluded that there isn't really anything more I can do about it (I've already tried everything)- he said that it's good training for having a newborn and to remember that it won't last forever. That was the down side of my visit.  Upside: All is well with little Violet. She's crazy active (which apparently is a good thing- although my sleep deprivation might try to argue). Her little heartbeat is steady right where it needs to be, and my "fundal height"- whatever that is- is right on track. In spite of drinking cocoa daily, I did somehow manage to lose a little weight between my last appointment and this one... which isn't really what you're hoping for when you're nearly 28 weeks pregnant. So, in light of my earlier conversation with a cute little boy, I figured it wouldn't hurt to stop for a few donuts on my way home : ) 

Now I'm eating Krispy Kreme donut holes, a burrito from taco bell (we're not even going to talk about where that craving came from), and drinking apple juice- that ought to tip to scales the right direction. Don't worry, I promise to snack on some fruit later and eat all my vegetables at dinner : )

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Congratulations, You're 26 and Don't Have Diabetes!

I know, the glucose test is one of those things that at some point over 90% of pregnant women pass... and beyond that, those who don't still usually manage things well and have perfectly normal pregnancies with healthy babies.

The truth is, I wasn't really worried about my glucose test because of the pregnancy... more like the fact that I've had an insane sweet tooth since I was born (my first word was cookie... no joke). I love red meat, and I believe if you're going to take in a bunch of dairy, you might as well go all out and use real butter (I'd rather deal with fat which is something I can understand over a huge list of chemical crap that is sure to have a more interesting way of killing me in the future). Short story, until recent years, my diet has been totally setting me up for heart failure by the age of 30.

To know that I consistently have normal everything (cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid whateverness, etc.) and now blood sugar, is quite a relief. Perhaps the insane amount of fast food I inhaled as a kid and processed foods that I loved and still sometimes indulge in won't be the death of me. Ok, so I eat them a little more than sometimes... I'm blaming pregnancy... we hadn't eaten hamburger helper in over a year until I got pregnant and suddenly started craving a strange mix of horribly highly processed foods (although fast food still makes me sick) and natural fruits/juices... sometimes together. Yesterday I dipped slices of organic apples into a spicy meat queso made with velveeta.

So congratulations to me... a car wreck is still the most likely way I will die if I go before age 34.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

and the countdown begins...

100 days. According to my lovely little bump app, Violet is due to make an appearance in exactly 100 days. I figured that since I'm certainly on the downhill side of pregnancy it was time to read about what's to come.

That was a HORRIBLE idea. I feel like someone should have told me. NO... held me down and forced me to listen to what it's like AFTER birth. Why was this not a part of the my "sex ed" in high school? I mean, they show a million disgusting pictures of stds, but they leave out the one thing that most women WILL experience? I chose to save myself for marriage for spiritual reasons- but seriously, had I known what comes with birth- I may have just chosen a life of celibacy. 

Pads the size of diapers... burning pee... lack of bladder control... the desire for crazy creams, numbing sprays, and ice all packed down there? Losing tons of blood and passing clots? Not to mention all the swelling making things down there appear deformed? I don't even want to say what some of the women on the pregnancy boards said it looked like. Plus they described the pain of when the baby crowns as a "burning ring of fire." Oh... and it's not uncommon to have your tail bone BREAK? Lots of women rip down there, and so you also have stitches in such a sensitive obviously war damaged place to deal with?

I now understand why I had to beg my mother for a younger sibling. And in the midst of all the horror tales on the pregnancy boards are crazy 2nd+ time moms saying they forgot about all of it, but that they are looking forward to going through it again??? Some of them seemed to find the horrific comments laughable?!

The thing is, after reading through all of this and thinking that surely these women are lying- it can't be that bad or else women wouldn't do it more than once, I checked a more reliable source. My pregnancy books confirm that yes, all of these things can happen. My question is this-while if I can, I'd like to try a natural birth, when it's over will I get meds? I mean, surely they prescribe you something awesome to help deal with the recovery pain right?

My mom keeps telling me that the experience is horrible, but that it's all worth it in the end. Someone please tell me she's right. Tell me that those women on the pregnancy boards are being over-dramatic and that it's not really that bad. Tell me that between having my little Violet to snuggle and some awesome pain killers I won't really notice the horror down there.

I wasn't looking forward to the birth part, but now my countdown is an equal amount of anticipation to meet Violet, and incrible fear/dreading of the phsyical consequences of her coming out.