Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear Gummybear,

Dear Gummybear,

I think it's time we have a little chat. You're getting older now and it's about time for you to outgrow the "make mommy sick every single morning" syndrome you've developed. I put up with it through the first twelve weeks. When it extended to fourteen I gave you the benefit that you're still young and many others your age exhibit the same behavior, but you're nearly sixteen weeks old now. It's time to grow up and quit making mommy sick.

On that note of growing, I'd also like to inform you that I do not appreciate how you kept me up all night. The strange noises coming from my tummy and the achy pains of stretching are not good for mommy's sleep deprivation. If you could please, try to keep it calm at night- its very tiring for me to constantly be feeding and growing you, but much more so when I can't sleep.

Now, while I'm not thrilled with your recent behavior, I want you to know that I still love you very much. Even though you make me sick and tired and hurt all the time, I wouldn't trade the best health in the world for you. You're worth every ailment. Every physical misery is replaced with joy when I think about how lucky I am that I get to be your mom. You will never know how much your daddy and I wanted you and hoped for you and prayed that someday God would bless us with you. Last night while you were keeping me up for hours I decided to spend some time talking to God, did you hear me? I like to think that because you're inside me, you can hear the thoughts I exchange with God even when they aren't audible.

I love you. Keep growing however you need to do that. Mommy is going to be just fine. I can't wait to meet you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Gummy-Bear is Still Tickin'

Well, just got back from another happy prenatal visit : )  Baby gummy-bear's heartbeat was quick to find and just tickin' away : ) Makes me feel good to have that reassurance. Also, my doc's office finally received my medical records from east texas- so we were able to go over those which was nice.

Today I learned something I never knew about myself: my blood type. I really feel like this is something I should have known earlier in life, but eh... turns out it was never really a life or death thing. I came home and immediately researched my type because my doctor said I'm a somewhat rare type: AB+
I'm what's known as a "universal recipient"- which is exactly the opposite of someone with O- blood. O- can give to everyone, but only receive O- hence being a "universal donor."  I, on the other hand, can only give to someone who is also AB+, but I can receive from anyone. That's right- so if something ever happens and I'm dying and in need of blood- I expect every one of you to line up to donate : )

Aside from gummy-bear's heartbeat, and learning that I have awesome blood, I also got some exciting news today, so take note of this date:

November 20, 2012 we will find out gender!!!

And a few have asked, so here is the estimated due date: April 18, 2013.

I know... I buried the lead there- so sue me, I was never very good at my journalism class.

Other less exciting news:
 I'm still getting sick pretty regularly. Talked to my doctor about it and since I'm no longer losing weight, he thinks it best just to go ahead and stick it out since it should be getting better soon. According to the scale at his office, I've actually gained a pound since my last visit. No doubt this weekend's smorgasbord of gooey butter cake, caramel corn, and whole bags of baked lays had an impact on that. What can I say? Before 2pm I can't stand the sight of food, after 2pm I can't stop eating it. There are worse things in the world.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The 100th Day

Today I have officially been pregnant for 100 days and being past 14 weeks all members of the medical community will agree that I'm officially in my second trimester (big sigh of relief).

Pregnant junk report:
Still dealing with morning sickness... although praise Jesus, most days it really is just morning sickness. I wake up, get sick, spend a couple hours recovering, then I'm able to move on with my day (which by then is really just an afternoon). I'm not complaining about this though since it's a vast improvement.
I'm excited to report that my weight is no longer going down- not going up either, but at this point I'm thankful for a little stability.

In other news:
I'm doing better with the worry aspect. I can't really explain it- I don't feel  like anything has changed, and in essence it hasn't. There was no big God moment- it's just like one day I woke up and I wasn't really worried anymore- it was just gone. I know that's an answer to prayer- not just my prayers, but those of my faithful friends and family- so to all of you, thank you.

Cameron and I have had some really awesome moments lately of really getting to connect with each other. We've spent a lot of time sitting and sipping and talking about our passions and our hopes for the future and our feelings about becoming parents. It's nice to know that we are both dealing with some of the same "big" questions. We have seasons like this periodically in our relationship and I really cherish them. I encourage all who are married and read this to set aside some time to sit with your friend and just talk- not about work or family or money- but rather talk about your interests, hopes, anxieties, goals, or random thoughts- just start sharing and encouraging each other.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Joys of Pregnancy

Thus far my pregnancy has been less than joyful. More accurate descriptions would be miserable, painful, anxiety ridden, and incredibly uncomfortable. However, God did not call me to sit around complaining about the ills of life (not that the lack of calling stops me from doing so). We are told to rejoice always- so today I am listing out the things about pregnancy that I can find joy in.

The Joys of Pregnancy:

1. Sleeping nine hours, waking up for three, then taking a three hour nap without feeling one ounce of guilt.

2. Finally having the courage to send back food I don't like at a restaurant and telling the waiter it's because I'm pregnant.

3. Not having to do the dishes because I can't stand the smell of dish soap.

4. Actually, not having to do any house cleaning because my nose and lack of energy make it an "undue hardship." Seriously, I'm growing a child that makes me sick everyday- what more can be expected?

5. Getting to shamelessly spend hours at a time on pinterest looking at baby things and not having to explain to anyone why.

6.Wearing the most comfortable clothing on earth and for the first time ever- actually wanting it to show off a growing tummy.

7. Weighing myself weekly and hoping to see the scale go up. (This hasn't happened yet, but my Dr. says that will soon change : )

8. The freedom to cry when watching an emotional commercial on tv and being able to blame it on "the hormones."

9. Best of all: getting to tell loved ones about the exciting new addition to our family : )

Friday, October 12, 2012

As promised, a Va-Cay update : )

I really should apologize for the facebook explosion. It was absurd, however, I'm pregnant... so let's blame that : )

Sooo... vacation isn't completely over, but it kinda feels like it is because Cameron had to work today, but to recap:

We visited these places:
The Alamo- made my heart flutter to indoctrinate my husband with Texas history
The San Antonio Museum of Art
Sea World
The Riverwalk
 Market Square

We ate at these places:
Meson European
Fusion House- still surprised baby let me try that one- and even more surprised how much I liked it
Marble Slab- baby LOVES ice cream :)
Logan's- had never been to one... it was ok.
Casa Rio- first Mexican food in nearly two months- woohoo! This is one of our favorite places in town.
Schilo's Delicatessen- holy cow amazing! Split pea soup and apple struesel- where has this been all my life?
Panera Bread- this was my first time to ever eat at Panera- it's a winner! Almost didn't make it in though because of the smell from the Pei Wei next door : (

I was impressed with my ability to try new foods and go so many places without ever getting sick in public. Granted, we spent several hours every afternoon in the room resting, never got a start before 10am (mornings are still very iffy) and we were almost always back by 8pm to call it a day... plus for every minute I spent walking somewhere, I sat on a bench for an equal amount of time. It was a lot of stop and go, but so much better than I've felt in weeks. Of course, today I was totally pooped from it all and glad to get to stay in bed til 2pm. We will continue with vacation activities tomorrow: Cameron is running a 5k in the morning then we have a couples massage scheduled (YAY!) and we have plans to do some rummage sale shopping, possibly visit traders village, and hopefully make it to the Witte Museum.

On a different note, my recent announcement on Facebook was a big step for me. I'm still pretty freaked out about sharing the news because I have a lingering feeling that something bad is going to happen. I know that I need to be trusting God with this, and I'm working on that- truly... it's just hard. I need to start spending time with people- I really need to find a church down here where we can get involved with other couples close to our age. I think a big part of my problem is the lack of Christian fellowship I have here- being alone is not good for me. I'm hoping that very soon I will be feeling well enough in the mornings for us to go back to trying churches in the area (since I've been pregnant mornings have been the worst- hence the reason we still aren't plugged in anywhere).

Monday, October 8, 2012


OK, so a real post will happen after vacation (which by the way, is going much better than I expected- turns out I'm sensitive fragrances put in like shampoo/soap- so we switched to all fragrance free products and I'm greatly improved : )

SO... until my next post- here's a few pics from today's photo session : ) They will go public Thursday when we share our news with the world, but for now this is just between us.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two more weeks!

I'm 12 weeks exactly today (small celebratory dance in my mind inserted here). The last week or two has been completely miserable. I have progressed from getting sick a few times a week to a new minimum of at least once a day, but often more and I feel like getting sick all the time. I thought this was supposed to get better the farther along I get? Tomorrow night starts Cameron's vacation. We have tons of plans for the next week- things I've been planning and dreaming about since February. Last night Cameron asked me how I think it's all going to work out, and the truth is, I have no idea.

I've spent the last two weeks on my couch. No joke. I really, truly haven't left my house AT ALL. I don't think I've even put on clothes. I wear underclothes and take my pillows and sheet into the living room each morning. I have small spurts where I have enough energy to maybe get dinner started before Cameron gets home, or gather some of the trash that's accumulating from my "mission control" center, but the energy is quickly spent.

I'm still losing weight. Since the day I found out I'm pregnant (August 8) til today I've lost at least 6 pounds. I swear I eat everyday- multiple times. I'm getting sick more now, but honestly I'm not losing that much food (warning, tmi: I mostly get sick in the morning before I've eaten so what's coming up isn't food). I drink juice and almost everything I eat is high calorie. I'm really not sure how it is that I get virtually no exercise at all, I eat high calorie foods, and actually drink at least 300 calories a day, and yet I'm losing weight. I've sat and tried totaling my daily calorie intake to make sure I'm not depriving my little one- I'm getting at least 1500-1800 a day and sometimes more. So why does the scale keep showing smaller numbers? I'm not worried at the moment so much because I know it's common for a lot of women to lose a little during the first trimester due to sickness... But seriously, most women would be gaining weight with this lifestyle.

I'm ready to feel better. I'm going to give "vacation" my best effort and if nothing else, we can take a lot of naps. The good news is that this time next week I will be posting our new announcement pictures online and letting the whole world know we're having a little one! Cameron is just bursting to tell everyone. I know our parents (my mom especially) are having a hard time keeping the secret. (At this point we've only told parents and a handful of friends- Cameron's brothers don't even know yet!) It almost feels crazy that this has been the most consuming part of our lives for the past two months and hardly anyone knows.

Strangely, I'm still having a hard time finding the joy of pregnancy. I think it's a combination of still being early enough to warrant a higher risk of loss and the unending misery of symptoms. I'm hoping the next few weeks brings peace of mind and the symptoms start to lift so that I can return to life as a normal human being that walks, talks, eats and breathes without feeling like throwing up (seriously sometimes just talking on the phone makes me gag). 14 weeks is when I am considering the first trimester over- and it can't come soon enough.